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The Cakes are a band from Staffordshire, England who enjoy making music together when they're in the same place at the same time with instruments. When they don't have instruments they're at a loss for what to do and stare at each other blankly.

The music is usually lighthearted and fun, but occasionally dark...like The Clash tickling Spandau Ballet and accidentally beheading them.

* * *

"The Cakes are edgy, acerbic and a darn sight more original than their somewhat distracting cake compulsion might suggest." - High Voltage Magazine

"Destined for greatness." - S4C live review (yeah, from a long time ago)

"Slightly too good." - Adrian Chiles, BBC Radio 5

"Short, sharp shots of urgent indie rock pop with plenty of hooks."

"Mothers Against Bacon is an awfully named EP with laughable artwork that thankfully redeems itself with its content." - Sandman Magazine

"A greatly danceable floor filler..." - Sandman Magazine on Dance Keith, Dance

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