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Alex spends much of his waking life listening to music, so that's what the new Hole in My Head website is about.

Hole in My Head the website was named after "Hole in My Head the song", by Feeder. It was originally a fansite Alex set up in his teenage years.

Alex added his photography and writing at some point, but that eventually moved to AlexHarford.uk and HoleInMyHead.co.uk was neglected.

Now Hole in My Head is back!

Alex still loves Feeder, and if he'd never heard their Yesterday Went Too Soon album, Alex wonders if he'd love music as much as he does and even if he'd continue to write about himself in the third person.

HoleInMyHead.co.uk contains some Amazon affiliate links, which means Alex will get a small commission from items bought from them. It's unlikely to be enough to pay for the website, but never mind.

The Cakes

Alex played in a band for a bit: The Cakes on Spotify The Cakes on Deezer The Cakes on Bandcamp (plus all the other usual places).

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Via Twitter or e-mail: Alex(AT)HoleInMyHead.uk

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